Start Your Own Digital Marketing Institute With DIGIKOSMO As A Franchise Partner


Digikosmo Have Two Franchise concepts

Physical Franchise Model with Digikosmo

Open Digikosmo Franchise at Your Location


How does this Model work?

1. Complete new setup promotion of your franchise on nearby areas

2. Hiring the trainers and Training them according to Digikosmo standards

3. Training Student counsellors and other staff members.

4. Lead Generation of the respective franchise will be taken care by head office.

5. Study material and the assessments will be given by Digikosmo.

6. All the marketing activities of the franchise will be handled by Digikosmo.

7. The prerequisites of this opportunity are – plenty of passion, enthusiasm and investment.

Let’s Talk About Physical Branch Franchise Partner

Projected Revenue

Rs 35 to 40 Lakhs (2 years)

Investment Required

Rs 7 to 10 Lakhs


  • Premises area of minimum 650-750 sq. ft.
  • Initial investment of INR 7L-10L
  • Passion for imparting knowledge

Financial Contract

  • Franchisee Fee: Rs. 5L + GST
  • Monthly Royalty – 20% on Enrollment
  • Return on Investment: Expected monthly sale between INR 8L-12L

Join the Fast-Growing Digital Marketing Training Institute and Get Guaranteed Revenue

Let’s Talk About Virtual Franchise Partner

Virtual Franchise Model with Digikosmo

It is a franchise you take of DIGIKOSMO with a minimum investment a month and earn lakhs every month through this model without any liability.

How does this Model work?

1.  You enroll with us as a  Virtual Franchise Owner of Digikosmo.

2.  Digikosmo will train you on the online courses they provide

3. Digikosmo will hire a remote counselor for you or you can opt to be the counselor.

3. Digikosmo will generate a minimum of 200 leads/enquires for you every month. 

4. You Don’t Need Any Physical Place Start Your Own Institute With Our As a Virtual Franchise Partner. 

5. Your counsellor or you will convert maximum admissions from these leads.

6.You earn 40% of the profits earned without any liability for training, infrastructure, placements, etc

What support you get from Digikosmo?

1. You will be provided with sales training to sell our courses online.

2. Digikosmo will run Digital Marketing Campaign and generate a minimum of 200 inquiries or leads for you.

3. Digikosmo will provide you with tools and marketing material that will be shared with students.

4. Digikosmo will conduct online training for the students.

5. Digikosmo will provide placement support to students.

Revenue Model

You don’t need office space, Infrastructure, and Other Costly Expenses. Start Your Digital Marketing Institute From Your Home As To becoming a Virtual Digikosmo Partner.  

Start a Digital Marketing Training Franchise

Digikosmo Digital  Marketing Training Institute Trained Internationally  25 Countries Students Like Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Poland, And Many More. We Are offering business opportunities by partnering with entrepreneurs who share the same passion for Digital Marketing. We solicit Franchise Inquiries from all those who seek to grow with us.

Ankit Pandey

Mr. Ankit Pandey Founder & C.E.O of DIGIKOSMO

Join the Fast Growing Digital Marketing Training Institute and Get Guaranteed Revenue

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Note : This  Franchise Budget is Only For India.  If Are u Applied From Out Of India The Budget Should Be Vary According Country To Country.